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Coarse Fishing information website


In this section you will find all sorts of fishing related features including the following....

Informative how to’s - These will include topics such as hair rigging baits / setting up a method feeder / pole fishing advice and much more.

Days out on the bank - these will be detailed reports on my days out on the bank including rig and bait information, tactics and what worked and what didn’t work on the day. Attached to these reports will be some quality images of the baits/rigs and the venue itself.

Videos - Various fishing related videos

Other informative fishing related information - Such as shot and line guides / fishing accessories information / what baits to use where etc.

Tank Tests - See what rigs and baits look like underwater. (Coming summer 2017)

Methods & tips & Bait Preparation - Here you can find out how to prepare certain baits.

Other features - such as Baits for Commercials.

Methods & Rigs Days on the bank 2017 Videos Bait Preparation Other Features